Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the difference/relationship between Skill Technologies and Skill Go?

Skill Technologies is a company. Skill Go is a mobile application. Skill Technologies is the owner company that is building and will operate Skill Go

Why don´t you provide details of the mobile application (Skill Go)?

The application is in the process of hypothesis definition and its details will be published soon

What do you mean by Skills? Is this a video game or is it real?

Skills refer to the real abilities and capabilities that people have in different areas of human life, related to sports, entertainment, hobbies, art, among others

What do you mean by "to value skills"?

App users, once they download it, will be able to assess the skills of other users and at the same time receive an assessment of their skills from other users. The skills assessment methodology is part of what we are building.

What does it mean that the application will be a "social network"? What is the relationship between the social network and the skills?

App users can openly assess their skills, with each other, sharing comments, images, videos and performing other functionalities of social/human interaction around skills assessments

Will the App be free for users?

The App will be free for its users

It seems that this App is more of the same than a famous social network of skills, is that so?

The Skill Go App has an innovative and completely different assessment system, with complementary innovative features and a different target audience

When will the App be available and for what platforms?

The date is to be defined for the second semester in 2019. The App will initially be available for IOS and Android

Where will the company be located and where will the application be launched?

The company and the App are being built in Santiago Chile, however, its base and launch will take place in the United States

Is Skill Technologies an independent company?

Skill Technologies is an independent, private, for-profit company

Who is the team behind the company and the App?

A chilean team of multidisciplinary professionals (Managers and Engineers) in strategy, operations and technology, experts in their respective areas that complement each other, with extensive and international experience on development and consulting in complex projects in multiple industries with world-class companies and Startups

Why will the App be successful?

It is the whole system behind and around the App. Beyond its products, the synchronized and focused combination of business variables is what makes a company successful. In our case, we have created and are defining an innovative-disruptive skills assessment system (The Solution), led and executed by a multidisciplinary team of professionals with extensive experience in complex projects (The Team), implementing proven methodologies for software development (Agile-Scrum), product and company development (Lean Startup) and explosive growth (Growth Hacking) (The Methodology). The App (The Product) will be the visible result of all this (the tip of the Iceberg), which we will be testing and improving to meet the market requirements. The application will implement a skills assessment system, which aims to cover one of the most primitive needs of the human being, the aspiration to "be validated". The system is innovative enough to make a substantial difference from other social network apps, but at the same time with a level of disruption that allows people to easily adopt it