The company´s goal

Our goal is to take our mobile application to the highest positioning level of social networks in the world. For us, this means leading a social transformation, in which people change their habits in the form of relating through their skills in the different areas of human life, by using the assessment system predefined by our mobile App

How to reduce risks

To lead this transformation, we have a talented and experienced team in consulting and business development projects, marketing, operations and technologies, in various industries, both in world class companies and in Startups. This, added to our Agile-Lean Startup development and management methodology (Build-Measure-Learn), establishes a disciplined work path that reduces risks and increases the probability of success.

Current status

In June of 2019 we are starting the technological development of the application, in parallel and followed by activities of skills research, market and consumer analysis, user testing and later launch and growth hacking campaigns.



 We invite investors who believe in social networks to join and actively participate in this process and to bet on a company that seeks to lead a social transformation with the potential to become a world-class profitable company.

  If you are interested in investing and being part of the process, send us your contact information by filling in the following fields to contact you and tell you the next steps.

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