Graduates from the United States and Latam, we challenge and invite you to grow with us!

We are a Startup initiating the technological development phase of our mobile application. Our goal is aspirational ... to transform the way we interact in the world through the people´s skills.  

We invite you to join us as we launch our company. Be part of our journey of becoming an innovator 

that leads in global trends

Our founders have a disciplined work ethic and foster an environment of high performance and the highest levels of professional quality. They facilitate fluid and effective communication, creativity, data driven approaches, efficient task planning and prioritization, a balance of inductive and deductive analysis, and optimized methodology use

Recruiting Graduate Professionals

 We are recruiting graduates from careers related to Administration, Business, Industrial Engineering, Journalism, Communication, Sociology and similar careers, who want to join the team and consider they have the talent to take on the professional challenge

The Challenge

Our graduates (employees) will have the title of Marketing & Business Analyst. Their goals will be to:

  • Identify and analyze the skills that must be incorporated into the application
  • Research: study the behavioral trends of millennials, centennials, and the best practices within the Apps market
  • Data analysis and synthesis of beta testing of the App and feedback from testing users
  • Logistical support, connecting with target users and eliciting their feedback

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